Tree assessment and removal services

Sometimes removing a tree is the only practical course of action available. Reasons can vary from a tree growing too large for its surroundings, having health or structural issues, being irreversibly infested with pests, or dying. Removal of the tree in these cases is necessary for the safety of persons, animals or property.

While it may seem that tree removal or felling is a matter of power over skill, it is, in fact, the opposite. To fell a tree first requires a highly technical analysis and procedure in order that the removal is undertaken effectively and more importantly safely.

Therefore, it is important to use the services of an experienced team such as ours to carry out the work. Our arborists have the qualifications and expertise required in order to undertake such a task quickly, efficiently and safely.

We have dealt with thousands of trees over the years and as fully qualified tree surgeons.

Our advice on tree removal or alternate options is professional, impartial and informed. We first undertake an inspection of the specimen causing problems and determine whether removal is the best option or whether there is an alternate course of action that may save the tree. Will give you our expert opinion on the best way forward.