Tree management and advice reports to assist with:

  • Permit acquisition
  • Residential development
  • Commercial site property or other development
  • Neighborhood disputes
  • Other matters as required

Report options

Identification report

An Identification report is generally done when acquiring permits. The report is brief and cost-efficient. Our arborist will visit the site and identify the genus and species of tree/s. The resulting information and photographic proof will form the report.

Tree Reporting


Health and structure report

This report is typically done for residential and commercial property matters requiring a more detailed tree assessment.Our arborist will spend further time on-site to undertake tree reviews. The report will incorporate the visual tree inspection, tree name, tree type, height, width, diameter at breast height, health, structure, maturity, and useful life expectancy.

Health, structure and defect report

This type of report is our most commonly requested. The report covers not only tree health, structure and defects, but also the results of a full inspection of defects typically found within trees, for example: dead wood, excessive leans, cavities etc.

Development site report

This involves a more detailed process in which the report is prepared over four states. Stage one is predevelopment as mentioned. Our arborist will visit the site and locate and report all trees, discuss trees that may require removal and significant trees that should be retained.Stage 2 is the development stage where the arborist arranges for trees to be removed if required or pruned. Stage 3 is a mid-build inspection where the arborist will visit the site and ensure no damage has been done to any remaining trees. At Stage 4 / final stage the arborist will determine whether any trees were damaged in the build and landscaping process. 

Custom report

This report will be customed to suit the client’s requirements.


For further information contact our Consulting Arborist Nathan0409506958