Tree Stump Grinding Services

Reasons to remove tree stumps include: being stubby, unsightly, disrupting the look of your garden or property or a trip or other hazard especially to children or the elderly.

Once stumps are successfully removed you are free to replant, re-turf, or even start afresh where the stump once was.

Tree stumps can and will re-shoot

As tree stumps are the remains of a cut tree they are commonly thought to be dead and lifeless. However, tree stumps can and will re-shoot. This can be considered amazing or otherwise annoying, particularly if the tree was removed for a good reason, letting it grow back is not a wise move. Not only is new growth in tree stumps unstable and unpredictable, it can also take up valuable energy nutrients and energy from the surrounding soil. Also, offshoots and re-growths on tree stumps are rarely (if ever) a pretty sight.

Tree stumps may cause fungal and mold spread to the rest of your garden

Further, as tree stumps are often dead blocks of wood, they become more susceptible to rotting and decomposition. That is why homeowners often relate the rotting process as a means of getting rid of the stump itself. This is often a bad idea. Rotting tree stumps can result in decay and encourage fungus and mold which can wreak havoc on the tree stump and the surrounding plants and trees. If left untreated it may cause a fungal outbreak spreading to the rest of your garden.

Rotting tree stumps may attract termites

Termites, ants, and other insects and pests are easily attracted to the decaying material in a rotting tree stump. The longer you keep a tree stump on your property ‘ whether it’s rotting or not ‘ the more likely it will attract both animal and plant pests to come.

Reasons to use our team for stump grinding

We have the knowledge, experience and purpose-built equipment to get rid of your tree stumps safely and effectively. For years, our specialists have been providing services for stump removal and stump grinding throughout the Gippsland region.

Although it can be tempting to perform stump grinding or stump removal yourself, this is not recommended for the following reasons:

  • Tough to remove – tree stump grinding and tree removal take special skill to do properly. From grinding down the stump to completely removing the tree’s root system to prevent future growth, tree stump removal is often difficult and specialized work.
  • If it not done properly using the correct equipment the results can look unsightly and not deal with the hazard in order to remove the problem.
  • There could be pests present – Harmful insects and fungi could be present inside tree stumps that make DIY removal not worth the effort.
  • There are risks involved – DIY stump removal involves working with sharp tools and equipment and perhaps even chemicals. If things go wrong it could result in physical injury or risk to your health or that of your garden.
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