Pest & Disease Treatment

Apart from proper sunlight, water and nutrients, you need to provide pest disease treatment for healthy growth of plant and trees. You need to replenish soil moisture loss through evaporation.
You need to control weed germination and growth.
By providing proper ecosystem including earthworms and insects, we ensure balance environment for the growth of plants.
As compare to wild plants and trees, nurseries and homestead plants are more susceptible to pest and disease as they are cultivated in monoculture environment rather than in the multicultural environment. Even same species grow closer together can encourage disease-causing organisms and pests to establish and spread rapidly.
Many plants are bred for their foliage and flowers rather than disease resistance.
and commercial crop production can create environmental conditions that favor particular pathogens and/or pests.
by comprehending the effects of the environment on crops and their potential pest/pathogen, we provide you disease and pest control solution