Mulching Services

Putting the Good Stuff Back

Trees and plants lucky enough to be growing in a natural environment stand in rich, well-aerated soil. Their roots are covered by a fabulous concoction of leaves, living organisms ‘ like earthworms ‘ and organic material. This wonderful stuff, called mulch, enriches and feeds the soil by recycling the nutrients the mulch releases as it decomposes. It’s the perfect environment for the healthy growth of trees and plants. Also before performing any mulching activity, we do tree risk assessment and then move forward. Urban environments have lost this natural material. We need to put it back if we want our trees and gardens to thrive. Roots 2 Leaves Tree Services has mulching and tree risk assessment services across Sale, Orbost and Lake Tyers.

7 Reasons Why Mulching is Important for the Health of Your Garden

  • Mulch helps to reduce soil moisture loss through evaporation.
  • Mulch insulates the soil, keeping the plant’s roots cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Mulch helps control weed germination and growth, keeping it to an absolute minimum, if allowing it at all.
  • Over time, mulch improves the soil’s aeration, biology, drainage, fertility, and structure by releasing nutrients and providing a wonderful habitat for those great ecosystem engineers like earthworms and insects.
  • Organic mulch prevents certain plant diseases to some extent.
  • Mulch gives beds a neater appearance and helps to prevent damage to tree trunks and plants during bed trimming and lawn-mowing sessions.
Mulching Services